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Handi Quilter Longarm Quilting Machine Classes 

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Longarm Quilting Beginners’ Class- Handi Quilter Avante’ and Fusion

At Whatever’s Quilted, we offer a comprehensive Longarm quilting basics class in our Wake Forest quilt shop.  The class is 6 hours long and covers everything from loading the quilt on the machine to creating beautiful stitches.  You will learn how to:

  • Load the quilt quickly and efficiently using our unique process
  • Thread the machine and prepare for quilting
  • Master machine settings for perfect stitches
  • Tie-off stitches
  • Basic quilting techniques

You will have plenty of time to practice a quilt sandwich we provide.  This class is designed for HQ Sixteen, HQ Avante’ and HQ Fusion owners as well as quilters interested in renting time on one of our precision Longarm quilting machines. Classes are scheduled on demand Monday through Saturday for groups of 2-5 quilters. There is usually someone waiting for a group to form so contact us today if you are interested and we will get a class scheduled for you! 

Introduction to Handi Quilter Pro Stitcher

This class is for quilters who want to learn how to create beautiful, intricate designs using the Handi Quilter Pro Stitcher computerized quilting machine.  You will learn how to use the Pro-Stitcher software including:

  • Loading digitized designs
  • Resizing and repositioning designs
  • Repeating designs across the quilt
  • Modifying designs
  • All new features of the Pro-Stitcher 

You will work through a lesson on a practice quilt during the five-hour class.  The class is designed for HQ Pro Stitcher owners and for quilters who want to rent our HQ Pro Stitcher Avante’ or Fusion in our shop. 

Handi Quilter Longarm Quilting Machine Rental

Many quilters want to finish their own quilts but there home machine cannot handle anything more than a small quilt.  Longarm quilters love the ability to clearly see the working area and the ease of moving the machine head across the quilt.  Our Handi Quilter Avante’ and Handi Quilter Fusion offer stitch regulation and produce beautiful stitches. 

Our machines are less than a year old and we maintain them according to Handi Quilter factory specifications. 

The Longarm quilting beginners’ class is required before renting either of our Longarm machines.  Rental times are available by appointment Monday-Saturday in our shop.  We are always here during rental to help you with any problems you may have.

We also offer our HQ Pro Stitcher for rental after you have taken both the Longarm quilting beginners’ class and the advanced class for the Pro Stitcher.

Rental Rates

Handi Quilter Avante’ 18               Gives you 15” of quilt-able space                                $20/hour
[10 Foot Studio Frame]

Handi Quilter Fusion 24                 Gives you 20” of quilt-able space                                $20/hour
[12 Foot Studio Frame]

Contact us today to schedule your rental!